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This theme issue focuses on instructional practices, evaluation, and the state of bilingual education. "Effective Implementation of Bilingual Programs: Reflections from the Field" (Abelardo Villarreal, Adela Solis) describes the key characteristics of successful bilingual programs: vision and goals; program leadership; linkage to central office staff; program articulation; student assessment and progress monitoring; efficient classroom and school organization; positive classroom and school climate and environment; cross-cultural respect; sufficient and appropriate instructional materials; appropriate instructional strategies; staff selection and development; parent involvement; and accountability. "Showcasing Exemplary Instructional Practices in Bilingual and ESL Classrooms" (Adela Solis) describes instructional strategies from model bilingual programs: classroom demonstrations, team teaching, problem solving, and checking for understanding. "Who Is Teaching the Children? More Trained Bilingual Teachers Are Needed for Excellent Education" (Oanh H. Maroney) addresses the shortage of qualified bilingual and minority teachers. "Evaluating Title VII Programs: An Update of Biennial Evaluations" (Josie Danini Supik) gives an overview of Title VII evaluation reports and resulting program improvements. "The Innovation of Bilingual Education" (Jose A. Cardenas) acknowledges five myths that continue to undermine bilingual education. "Bilingual Education under Attack: Misconceptions Fuel the Fire" (Anna Alicia Romero) documents opposition to bilingual education and efforts to counter opposition in Congress and in California. Activities and goals of the STAR Center Excellence and Equity through Technology Network institute are described in "The EETNet Institute: Building Technology Planning Endurance" (Miguel Guhlin). "National Testing Update" reviews the proposed national testing program's possible impact on limited-English-proficient students. Contains references and Web site resources. (SAS)

Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingual Education Programs, Bilingual Teachers, Educational Strategies, Elementary Secondary Education, English (Second Language), Limited English Speaking, Minority Groups, Misconceptions, Parent Participation, Program Effectiveness, Program Evaluation, Second Language Instruction, Teacher Shortage, Teaching Methods

Author: IDRA Newsletter, v25 n1 Jan 1998


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