Training in the Retail Trade in the Netherlands. Report for the FORCE Programme. First Edition.Report as inadecuate

Training in the Retail Trade in the Netherlands. Report for the FORCE Programme. First Edition. - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

An international team of researchers studied the following aspects of training in the Netherlands' retail sector: structure and characteristics, institutional and social context, employment and labor, changing conditions and their implications for skill requirements, and training and recruitment. Data were collected from an analysis of social and labor/employment statistics, literature review, and case studies of two branches of multiple-outlet retail chains and the independent retailers of food and nonfood items. All four companies were responding to increasing consumer demands for quality and service by increasing qualifications required of new employees and providing additional training opportunities for staff. Decentralization of the training function and differentiation of available training through the introduction of workplace training, tailor-made courses, modular and project-style training, and individualized training pathways were two emerging trends. Shopkeepers often received training from wholesalers motivated by shared interests; however, internal training was increasing. External training institutes have also begun specializing in delivering training tailored to client companies. Most training was company specific rather than transferable, and remained primarily a matter for individual employers. Most companies were investing fairly considerable sums in training/retraining without making any attempt to analyze the relative costs and benefits of training. (Contains 33 tables/figures and 25 references.) (MN)

Descriptors: Case Studies, Corporate Education, Distributive Education, Education Work Relationship, Educational Improvement, Educational Needs, Educational Trends, Employment Patterns, Foreign Countries, Job Training, Labor Market, Merchandising, Personnel Management, Postsecondary Education, Private Sector, Recruitment, Retailing, Sales Occupations, Secondary Education, Tables (Data), Training Methods, Training Objectives, Trend Analysis

UNIPUB, 4661-F Assembly Drive, Lanham, MD 20706-4391 (Catalogue No. HX-80-93-703-EN-C: 8 European Currency Units).

Author: van den Tillaart, Harry


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