Bilingual Education in Massachusetts: The Emperor Has No Clothes. Book Summary. Pioneer Paper No. 10.Report as inadecuate

Bilingual Education in Massachusetts: The Emperor Has No Clothes. Book Summary. Pioneer Paper No. 10. - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

The book "Bilingual Education in Massachusetts: The Emperor Has No Clothes" is summarized. The summary outlines the demographic situation of the limited-English-proficient (LEP) population and the status of bilingual education in the state, within the context of existing legislation. Issues in the debate over availability and type of bilingual education to be provided are examined, and current instructional approaches and techniques are noted. Differences in program provision that are linked to language group are discussed, and research concerning the effectiveness of bilingual education is reviewed briefly. Three additional issues discussed include the identification and transitioning of eligible students, costs of transitional programs, and public opinion on bilingual education. Eight recommendations are made for regulatory and legislative reform to improve educational programs for LEP students: freeing school districts from legal obligation to provide native language instruction; increasing LEP population size needed to trigger a self-contained classroom; requiring parent consent for enrollment in self-contained classroom; requiring English language fluency for LEP program teachers; changing entry/exit criteria for self-contained classrooms; eliminating specific class-size ceilings; better research; and improved program structure. (MSE)

Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Book Reviews, Change Strategies, Costs, Educational Change, Educational Needs, Identification, Limited English Speaking, Program Design, Program Effectiveness, Public Opinion, State Programs, Student Characteristics, Transitional Programs

Author: Rossell, Christine H.; Baker, Keith


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