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This book uses human interest stories to explain perplexing behavior from an economic perspective throughout U.S. history. The set of 15 lessons include: (1) Indentured Servitude: Why Sell Yourself into Bondage?; (2) Do the Right Thing: Free the Slaves, Avoid the War; (3) Why Would You Raise Chickens When You Don't Like Eggs? -or- Why Did Farmers Specialize?; (4) Who Should Make the Food Safe?; (5) The Buffalo Are Back; (6) Why Don't Cowboys Ever Ride into the Sunset?; (7) How Can Big Business Make Money from Tariffs?; (8) Who Invented Bad Breath and Why?; (9) Prohibition Then; MADD Today; (10) Why Would White Baseball Club Owners Sign Black Players?; (11) Where Did the African-American Middle Class Come From?; (12) Gift Giving in America: Why Do You Give the People You Love Things They Hate? -or- Do You Care Enough to Send the Very Best?; (13) Why Would Grape Pickers Ask People Not to Buy Grapes?; (14) Why Have Americans Climbed So Many Mountains?; and (15) What Can Yesterday's Choices Tell Us about Tomorrow? Each lesson includes core concepts, objectives, materials needed, a lesson description, procedures, and suggested evaluation. (EH)

Descriptors: Citizen Participation, Citizen Role, Citizenship, Consumer Education, Economics, Economics Education, Global Education, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Secondary Education, Social Studies, United States History

National Council on Economic Education, 1140 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036.

Author: Wentworth, Donald R.; Kraig, Beth; Schug, Mark C.

Source: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=a&ft=on&ff1=dtySince_1992&pg=12514&id=ED418009

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