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Abstract: In today\^as world designing adaptable course material requires new technicalknowledge which involves a need for a uniform protocol that allows organizingresources with emphasis on quality and Learning. This can be achieved bybundling the resources in a known and prescribed fashion called Learningobjects. Learning Objects are composed of two aspects namely -Learning- and-Object-. The Learning aspect of Learning objects refers to Education. SinceEducation is a process so the primary aim of learning objects tends to befacilitating acquisition, assessment and conversion of content into Learningobjects while fostering the assimilation of these Learning objects intolearning modules and instruction. The Object part of Learning objects relatesto the Digital Electronic format of the resources i.e. to say that it dealswith the physical resource that forms the Learning objects. The objects in LOsare analogous to objects used in object-oriented modeling OOM. The analogyhelps visualize how LOs will be packaged, processed and transported across thedigital library as well as utilized in course building. OOM concepts such asencapsulation, classification, polymorphism, inheritance and reuse can beborrowed to describe the operations on LOs in the digital library. Thus, theaim of this paper is threefolds. Firstly, to discuss the background of thisresearch and the concept of Learning Objects. Secondly, to provide a frameworkfor adaptive mechanism for the retrieval of Learning Objects and thirdly tohighlight the benefits that this new proposed framework shall bring.

Author: Sonal Chawla, R.K. Singla


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