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Cityschools, v1 n2 Spr 1995

Cityschools reports on research regarding the transformation of urban schools to make this research more accessible to practitioners in urban classrooms. This theme issue focuses on youth violence, exploring how some schools, families, and communities are working together to organize their resources and to design strategies to fight violence. Although research in this area is sparse, programs for reducing violence are not. The following articles examine issues related to violence and its prevention: (1) Saving City Kids: The Role of Schools and Communities (Michael Suntag); (2) As I See It: Children, Violence, and Mythology (Bernardine Dohrn); (3) From 'Just in Time' to 'All the Time': How Community Charters Can Serve Children Better (Ron W. Garrison); (4) To Learn in Peace: What Schools Are Trying Now (Susan Klonsky); (5) Communities Fighting for Peace (Dolores Briones and Aurelio Huertas Jr.); (6) CITYSCHOOLS Profile: Juan Sanchez, Researcher/Activist (Judy Taylor); (7) CITYSCHOOLS PolicyNote: Revisiting Title I (Genevieve Sedlack and Aurelio Huertas Jr.); and (8) And Still There Is No Peace: D.C. Moves against School Violence (Michelle L. Moore). A sidebar lists 15 sources on youth violence, and a violence prevention resource primer lists 27 resource organizations and programs. (SLD)

Descriptors: Delinquency, Educational Change, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education, Prevention, Program Descriptions, Program Development, School Restructuring, School Role, School Security, Urban Education, Urban Schools, Victims of Crime, Violence

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 1900 Spring Road, Suite 300, Oak Brook, IL 60521-1480.

Author: Walker, B. J., Ed.


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