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Reference: Van Der Merwe, PA, (1999). Leukocyte adhesion: High-speed cells with ABS. Current biology : CB, 9 (11), R419-R422.Citable link to this page:


Leukocyte adhesion: High-speed cells with ABS.

Abstract: In order to decide where to exit blood vessels and enter tissues, leukocytes roll along endothelial surfaces. Recent studies suggest that an 'automatic braking system' (ABS), involving selectin cell-adhesion molecules, enables leukocytes to roll at a fairly constant velocity despite large variations in blood flow rate.

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Journal: Current biology : CBsee more from them

Publication Website: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09609822

Issue Date: 1999-6


Urn: uuid:13f5d430-dfa5-4167-b0ca-c6e16365a59f

Source identifier: 27515

Eissn: 1879-0445

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Autor: Van Der Merwe, PA - institutionUniversity of Oxford Oxford, MSD, Pathology Dunn School fundingMedical Research Council - - - - Bi

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