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Rights and deprivation

Abstract: ´╗┐This thesis is concerned with rights-basedjustifications for redistribution. Orthodox views arecritically examined in three of the chapters. The caseagainst fundamental moral rights to welfare, not derivedfrom other more fundamental moral rights or principles, ispressed in chapter three. Chapter five distinguishesbetween rights-based and equality-based justifications forredistribution and argues that Ronald Dworkin's idea of aright to equal respect and concern is best understood asan equality-based justification. The enabling model ofrights and deprivation is introduced in chapter six. Thismodel says that liberty rights require that others ensurethat the right-holder enjoys the means to do what he orshe has the right to do as well as not interfere with himor her doing what he or she has the right to do. It isfound to break down because it is unable to accommodatethe right to do wrong. The other four chapters areconcerned with defending an alternative model of rightsand deprivation. The groundwork for this alternativemodel - the development model of rights and deprivation -is laid in chapters two and four. Chapter two presents aperson-affecting theory of rights. The two principalconclusions of the development model of rights anddeprivation are defended in chapter seven. It is argued,first, that from both of the abstract moral rights toliberty introduced in chapter four flow certain derivativerights against others to have one's needs met and, second,that the state is required to promote and protectparticular forms of culture as well as to meet certainsorts of personal needs including special needs,collective needs, and the unmet personal needs that arisewhen the prevailing methods of meeting those needs breaksdown. The final chapter discusses two general issuesrelating to the development model of rights anddeprivation.

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