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Abstract: Using gauge-gravity duality techniques, we discuss the sound-channel retardedcorrelators of vector and tensor conserved currents in a class of$2+1$-dimensional strongly-coupled field theories at zero temperature andfinite charge density, assumed to be holographically dual to the extremalReissner-Nordstr\-{o}m AdS$ 4$ black hole. Using a combination of analyticaland numerical methods, we determine the quasinormal mode spectrum at finitemomentum for the coupled gravitational and electromagnetic perturbations, anddiscuss the appropriate choice of gauge-invariant variables master fields inorder for the black hole quasinormal frequencies to reproduce the field theoryspectrum. We discuss the role of the near horizon AdS$ {2}$ geometry indetermining the low-frequency behavior of retarded correlators in the boundarytheory, and comment on the emergence of criticality in the IR. In addition, weestablish the existence of a sound mode at zero temperature and compute thespeed of sound and sound attenuation constant numerically, obtaining a resultconsistent with the expectations from the zero temperature limit ofhydrodynamics. The dispersion relation of higher resonances is alsoinvestigated.

Autor: Mohammad Edalati, Juan I. Jottar, Robert G. Leigh

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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