The Spelling Curriculum.Report as inadecuate

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Learners in the school setting need to become proficient spellers. Pupils need to perceive purpose in learning to spell any given set of words. Learners need to attach meaning to ongoing activities and experiences, and appropriate learning experiences must be provided by the teacher to assist each pupil to achieve stated ends. A method for pupils to utilize in spelling words correctly involves: (1) pupils looking at words correctly; (2) pronouncing spelling words correctly; (3) practicing writing the word without looking at its correct spelling model; and (4) engaging in a variety of writing activities. Teachers need to emphasize that: the English language has numerous irregularly spelled words; selected learners have experienced considerable failure in learning the correct spelling of words; and undesirable attitudes toward spelling on the part of the pupils are difficult to change. There are diverse philosophical schools of thought on teaching spelling: essentialists believe that a given set of words can be identified which all pupils need to learn to spell; while "experimentalism" suggests that only those spelling words useful in functional writing experience should be mastered. Selected computer software and the computer can assist pupils to achieve well in spelling. (Nine notes are included; 12 references are attached.) (RS)

Descriptors: Computer Uses in Education, Elementary Education, Spelling, Spelling Instruction, Teacher Behavior, Teaching Methods

Author: Ediger, Marlow


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