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Social mobility in Hong Kong

Abstract: This thesis examines the micro-process of social mobility in modern Hong Kong. Italso studies Hong Kong's mobility regime in a conventional macro-comparativefashion. By applying the core model of social fluidity developed in the CASMIN(Comparative Analysis of Social Mobility in Industrial Nations) project to the mobilitydata collected in the 1989 Hong Kong Social Mobility Survey, I point to severaldistinctive features of Hong Kong's mobility regime. This exercise also allows meto engage in the ongoing debate concerning the degree of commonality and variationin relative mobility rates across industrial nations. Having made this macrocomparison,I turn to explore the micro-mobility process. Drawing on worklife datacollected in the 1991-92 follow-up study, I consider the following issues: (a) typicalmobility paths in Hong Kong, (b) how social networks facilitate the job searchprocess, and (c) how career beginning affects subsequent mobility outcome. In thisstudy, I also test and apply a new technique, Optimal Matching Analysis, whichcompares and classifies complete career sequences. Thus, apart from offeringsubstantive findings on social mobility in Hong Kong, this thesis also seeks to makea technical contribution to the analysis of life course data.

Type of Award:Dphil Level of Award:Doctoral Awarding Institution: University of Oxford Notes:The digital copy of this thesis has been made available thanks to the generosity of Dr Leonard Polonsky

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