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Abstract: In 2+1 dimensions at finite temperature, spontaneous symmetry breaking ofglobal symmetries is precluded by large thermal fluctuations of the orderparameter. The holographic correspondence implies that analogous effects mustalso occur in 3+1 dimensional theories with gauged symmetries in certain curvedspacetimes with horizon. By performing a one loop computation in the backgroundof a holographic superconductor, we show that bulk quantum fluctuations washout the classical order parameter at sufficiently large distance scales. Thelow temperature phase is seen to exhibit algebraic long range order. Beyond thespecific example we study, holography suggests that IR singular quantumfluctuations of the fields and geometry will play an interesting role for many3+1 dimensional asymptotically AdS spacetimes with planar horizon.

Autor: Dionysios Anninos, Sean A. Hartnoll, Nabil Iqbal

Fuente: https://arxiv.org/

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