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Reference: A M Soto, C Sonnenschein and P. K. Maini, (2011). Systems biology and cancer, [Editorial]. Elsevier.Citable link to this page:


Systems biology and cancer, [Editorial]

Abstract: The systems approach to complex biological problems has rapidly gained ground during the first decade of this century. There are several reasons for this development. An important one is that while the achievement of sequencing the complete human genome, and those of other species, has been of great benefit to fundamental science, for example in comparative genomics and evolutionary biology, it has not led to the expected quick and simple solutions to multifactorial diseases (2010). On the contrary, cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and nervous diseases have all been resistant to reductionist analysis. In the case of cancer the hope that by identifying what are called oncogenes we would not only understand cancer but be led naturally to its cure has not been fulfilled ([Sonnenschein and Soto, 1999] and [Sonnenschein and Soto, 2011]). In all areas of medical science, despite the identification of hundreds more potential targets by genome sequencing, the pharmaceutical industry has been faced with a decline in the production of new successful drugs. The more we find out about the fundamental elements of biology, the DNA, RNAs, proteins, metabolites, membrane systems, organelles, the more puzzling the picture becomes. Even central biological concepts, like that of a gene, have changed and have even become difficult to define (Beurton et al., 2008 In: P.J. Beurton, R. Falk and H.-J. Rheinberger, Editors, The Concept of the Gene in Development and Evolution: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2008).Beurton et al., 2008).Reassessment of the fundamental concepts of biological science is therefore necessary. This is happening in all fields, including genetics (Beurton et al., 2008), evolution ([Pigliucci and Müller, 2010], [Gissis and Jablonka, 2011] and [Shapiro, 2011]), cancer (Soto et al., 2008), development and the

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