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Reference: Rahtz, S, Representation of documents in technical communication In Mehler, A ed., Romary, L ed., Gibbon, D ed. (2012). Handbook of Technical Communication. 55-82.Citable link to this page:


Representation of documents in technical communication Series: Handbooks of Applied Linguistics [HAL]

Abstract: This chapter considers standards and models for the representation of textual content,both for the purpose of the organisation and presentation of content. It provides anoverview of the characteristics and usage of most commonly used document markupformats (OOXML, Open Document Format, TeX/LaTeX, DocBook, Text EncodingInitiative (TEI), XHTML, etc.) with a view on their scope and application. A centraltheme of the chapter is a clarification of the notion of a document in relation to that oftext. The chapter will overview issues in representing the structure, content and functionof documents. Further, it reviews document formats in the light of their support ofthese representation tasks.It should be noted that, for convenience, this chapter deals entirely with documentsand texts managed in electronic form, as is now almost universally the case. Many ofthe arguments would apply, however, to older analogue information as well.

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Series:Handbooks of Applied Linguistics [HAL]

Publisher: De Gruyter

Series:Handbooks of Applied Linguistics [HAL]

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