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Reference: Thapper, J and Zivny, S, The complexity of finite-valued CSPs. Journal of the ACM, 63 (4).Citable link to this page:


The complexity of finite-valued CSPs

Abstract: We study the computational complexity of exact minimisation of separable rational-valued discretefunctions. Let Γ be a set of rational-valued functions on a fixed finite domain; such a set is called a finite-valuedconstraint language. The valued constraint satisfaction problem, VCSP (Γ), is the problem of minimisinga function given as a sum of functions from Γ. We establish a dichotomy theorem with respect to exactsolvability for all finite-valued constraint languages defined on domains of arbitrary finite size.We show that every constraint language Γ either admits a binary symmetric fractional polymorphism inwhich case the basic linear programming relaxation solves any instance of VCSP(Γ) exactly, or Γ satisfies asimple hardness condition that allows for a polynomial-time reduction from Max-Cut to VCSP(Γ).

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