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Reference: Patrick Nussbaumer, Morgan Bazilian, Vijay Modi et al., (2011). Measuring energy poverty : focusing on what matters.Citable link to this page:


Measuring energy poverty : focusing on what matters Subtitle: OPHI working paper no. 42

Abstract: The provision of modern energy services is recognised as a critical foundation for sustainabledevelopment, and is central to the everyday lives of people. Effective policies to dramatically expandmodern energy access need to be grounded in a robust information-base. Metrics that can be used forcomparative purposes and to track progress towards targets therefore represent an essential support tool.This paper reviews the relevant literature, and discusses the adequacy and applicability of existinginstruments to measure energy poverty. Drawing on those insights, it proposes a new composite indexto measure energy poverty. Both the associated methodology and initial results for several Africancountries are discussed. Whereas most existing indicators and composite indices focus on assessing theaccess to energy, or the degree of development related to energy, our new index – the MultidimensionalEnergy Poverty Index (MEPI) – focuses on the deprivation of access to modern energy services. Itcaptures both the incidence and intensity of energy poverty, and provides a new tool to support policymaking.

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Autor: Patrick Nussbaumer - institutionUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona - - - Morgan Bazilian - institutionUnited Nations Industrial D



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