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Reference: Coecke, B and Duncan, R, (2009). Interacting Quantum Observables: Categorical Algebra and Diagrammatics. New Journal of Physics, 13 (4), Article: 043016.Citable link to this page:


Interacting Quantum Observables: Categorical Algebra and Diagrammatics

Abstract: This paper has two tightly intertwined aims: (i) To introduce an intuitiveand universal graphical calculus for multi-qubit systems, the ZX-calculus,which greatly simplifies derivations in the area of quantum computation andinformation. (ii) To axiomatise complementarity of quantum observables within ageneral framework for physical theories in terms of dagger symmetric monoidalcategories. We also axiomatize phase shifts within this framework. Using the well-studied canonical correspondence between graphical calculi andsymmetric monoidal categories, our results provide a purely graphicalformalisation of complementarity for quantum observables. Each individualobservable, represented by a commutative special dagger Frobenius algebra,gives rise to an abelian group of phase shifts, which we call the phase group.We also identify a strong form of complementarity, satisfied by the Z and Xspin observables, which yields a scaled variant of a bialgebra.

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