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Reference: Cooper, Katrina., (1992). Analysis of the centromeric region of the human Y chromosome. DPhil. University of Oxford.Citable link to this page:


Analysis of the centromeric region of the human Y chromosome

Abstract: The centromere is an important region of the chromosome which ensurescorrect segregation at cell division. The DNA sequences which make uphuman centromeres are poorly understood. An analysis of the human Ychromosome centromere DNA has therefore been undertaken. Thestructures of 23 yeast artificial chromosomes (YAC) clones and 4 cosmidclones have been determined and these have contributed to a map of ~7Mb ofDNA which span the centromere.The centromeric region of the human Y chromosome contains a single majorblock of tandemly repeating alphoid DNA which is variable in size. The 5.7kbalphoid subunits are all orientated in one direction and become diverged atthe edges of the array. Flanking the alphoid DNA are small blocks of otherknown tandemly repeated sequences, the 5bp, 48bp and 68bp satellites. Thesesatellites are arranged in an asymmetric manner and are interspersed with arange of low to moderate copy number repeats. Only one putative single copysequence has been detected. Nearby lie two regions of X-Y homology: a moreproximal region which contains a gene (amelogenin) and a more distal regionwhich has previously been shown to result from a recent X-Y transpositionevent.These results show that the centromeric region of the human Y chromosomeis a complex mosaic of tandem repeats and other repeats. Furthermore, theyprovide a detailed map of the region and thus provide a solid basis forfunctional studies of candidate centromere determining sequences.

Type of Award:DPhil Level of Award:Doctoral Awarding Institution: University of Oxford Notes:The digital copy of this thesis has been made available thanks to the generosity of Dr Leonard Polonsky


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