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Freedom, opportunity and wellbeing Subtitle: OPHI working paper no. 35

Abstract: This paper reexamines key results from the measurement of opportunity freedom, or the extent to whicha set of options offers a decision maker real opportunities to achieve. Three cases are investigated: nopreferences, a single preference, and plural preferences. The three cothe cardinality relation, the indirect utility relation, and the effective freedom relationvariations are considered within a common axiomatic framework. Special attention is given torepresentations of freedom rankings, with the goal of providing practical approaches for measuringopportunity freedom and the extent of capabilities.

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Publisher: Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI)

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Issue Date: 2010

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Issn: 2040-8188

Isbn: 978-1-907194-19-1

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Type: Working/Discussion paper;

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Version: Publisher's versionKeywords: freedom individual choices welfare capabilities axiomatic approach orderings ophi Tiny URL: ora:9433


Autor: James E. Foster - institutionUniversity of Oxford facultySSD, Queen Elizabeth House, Department of International Development rese



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