A study of the jiao, a Taoist ritual, in Kam Tin, in the Hong Kong New TerritoriesReport as inadecuate

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Reference: Mathias, John Richard Gresham., (1978). A study of the jiao, a Taoist ritual, in Kam Tin, in the Hong Kong New Territories. DPhil. University of Oxford.Citable link to this page:


A study of the jiao, a Taoist ritual, in Kam Tin, in the Hong Kong New Territories

Abstract: ´╗┐In this fieldwork study of the 1975 Kam Tin jiao, Chapter 1 discussesthe setting, showing the social system of Kam Tin, analysed in terms ofgenealogical and community aspects. The discussion of the genealogicalaspects shows that Kam Tin does not conform to the standard model of thelineage. The occupational structure of one of the Kam Tin villages isdiscussed, as well as the population of the local area. Finally, a briefintroduction to the jiao, in Kam Tin a decennial ritual, is provided, showingthe genealogical and community based aspects of its organisation andperformance.Chapter 2 treats the history and mythology of the Kam Tin jiao,explaining the circumstances of the early Qing history which led to itsfoundation.Chapter 3 examines the organisation of the jiao in terms of committeemembership, funding, and the ritual timetable.Chapter 4 discusses the background and organisation of the ritualpractitioners. These are the Ritual Leaders (chosen through a block throwingcompetition in the temple associated with the jiao) and the Taoist priests.Chapter 5 discusses the preparatory rituals of the jiao, including thetwo rites of Memorial presentation. The relationship between the preparatoryrituals and the main rites of the jiao is delineated.Chapter 6 discusses the arrangement of the ritual area before thejiao's major rites.Chapter 7 continues with a chronological description and analysisof the main rites of the jiao.Chapter 8 discusses the jiao rites taking place after the period ofabstention from certain kinds of foods and sexual relations. This chapterdiscusses the rationale for the collection and return of divinities fromspecific sites during the course of the jiao.Chapter 9 concludes the discussion by analysing the Kam Tin jiao bothcomparatively and on its own terms.The jiao is shown to be a worship of deities and an act of salvationand/or placation for hungry ghosts, aimed at securing well-being andfortune for the community. On another level of analysis, however, therites in Kam Tin are a re-ordering of an imperfect society.

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