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Abstract: We introduce the `Complete Wave Function- and deduce that all living beings,not just Schroedinger-s cat, are actually described by a superposition of`alive- and `dead- quantum states; otherwise they would never die. Thereforethis proposal provides a quantum mechanical explanation to the world-wideobservation that we all pass away. Next we consider the Measurement problem inthe framework of M-theory. For this purpose, together with Schroedinger-s catwe also place inside the box Rasputin-s cat, which is unaffected by poison. Weanalyse the system identifying its excitations catons and catinos and wediscuss its evolution: either to a classical fight or to a quantumentanglement. We also propose the $BSV\Psi$ scenario, which implements theComplete Wave Function as well as the Big Bang and the String Landscape in avery supernatural way. Then we test the gravitational decoherence of theentangled system applying an experimental setting due to Galileo. We alsodiscuss the Information Loss paradox. For this purpose we consider a masslessblack cat falling inside a massive black hole. After that we outline a methodto compute the contribution of black cats to the dark matter of the universe.Finally, in the spirit of Schroedinger, we propose that next generationdouble-slit experiments should use cats as projectiles. Cat interferometry willinevitably lead to the `Many Cats- interpretation of Quantum Mechanics,allowing to shed new light on old mysteries and paradoxes. For example,according to this interpretation, conservative estimates show that decisionmaking of a single domestic cat will create about 550 billion whole universesevery day, with as many replicas of itself.

Autor: Beatriz Gato, Beatriz Gato-Rivera


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