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Reference: Ricardo Pachon, Rodrigo B. Platte and Lloyd N. Trefethen, (2008). Piecewise smooth chebfuns. Unspecified.Citable link to this page:


Piecewise smooth chebfuns

Abstract: Algorithms are described that make it possible to manipulate piecewise-smooth functions on real intervals numerically with close to machine precision. Breakpoints are introduced in some such calculations at points determined by numerical rootfinding, and in others by recursive subdivision or automatic edge detection. Functions are represented on each smooth subinterval by Chebyshev series or interpolants. The algorithms are implemented in object-oriented MATLAB in an extension of the chebfun system, which was previously limited to smooth functions on [-1, 1].

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Author: Ricardo Pachon - - - Rodrigo B. Platte - - - Lloyd N. Trefethen - - - - Bibliographic Details Issue Date: 2008-05 - Identifiers U

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