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Reference: Ashourvan, A, Miri, M and Golestanian, R, (2007). Casimir rack and pinion. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 89 (1), 012017-012017.Citable link to this page:


Casimir rack and pinion

Abstract: As the technological advances lead to miniaturization of mechanical devices, engineers face new challenges that are brought about by the fundamentally different rules that apply at small scales. One of the biggest problems in small machines is the excessive wear of the many surfaces that work in contact with each other, which severely constrains the durability of such machine parts. Here, a force that is caused by the quantum fluctuations of electromagnetic field - known as the lateral Casimir force - is employed to propose a design for a potentially wear-proof rack and pinion with no contact, which can be miniaturized to nano-scale. We demonstrate that both uniform and harmonic lateral motion of the rack can be converted into unidirectional rotation of the pinion. The robustness of the design is studied by exploring the relation between the pinion velocity and the rack velocity in the different domains of the parameter space. The effects of friction and added external load are also examined. © 2007 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Seriessee more from them

Issue Date: 2007-11-1


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