An iconographical study of the works of the Meidas painter and his associatesReport as inadecuate

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Reference: Burn, Lucilla., (1982). An iconographical study of the works of the Meidas painter and his associates. DPhil. University of Oxford.Citable link to this page:


An iconographical study of the works of the Meidas painter and his associates

Abstract: The Introduction surveys previous work on the Meidias Painter andhis Associates, and outlines the form that the present study is totake. In Chapter I the Painter and his Associates are introduced;their style is briefly assessed, and an attempt is made to establishtheir dates and their artistic, social and historical background.In the following Chapters, the Meidian scenes are grouped togetherby subject and mood. Each group of scenes is similarly treated; therepresentations are first described and then discussed. Reference ismade to the literary and artistic traditions behind each subject, andattempts are made to account for any unusual or especially interestingfeatures of the scenes, and to determine the factors which influencedtheir design.In Chapter II the more violent scenes are discussed, the Amazon-,gigant- and centauromachies, the Minotaur, Persians chasing women andOedipus slaying the sphinx. Chapters III and IV discuss the 'heavenlygarden' scenes which are most characteristic of the Meidian group, scenesset in paradise gardens from which all violence is excluded. In theseChapters the Meidias Painter's name vase and related scenes, Phaon andAdonis, Thamyris, Marsyas and Mousaios, Personifications, Chryse,Apollo and Artemis, Asklepios, Eleusinians, Dionysos and Aphrodite areall discussed. Chapter V is reserved for non-violent yet non-heavenlygarden scenes - Nausikaa, Amymone, Ixion and Trojan themes. Chapter VIdeals with non-mythological scenes, those of women and cult.In the Conclusion it is suggested that the two major characteristicsof Meidian iconography are its interest in nature and its concern tosoften and romanticize mythology, and it is argued that both may derivefrom the contemporary social and political climate.A catalogue of vases attributable to the Meidias Painter and hisAssociates is appended.

Type of Award:DPhil Level of Award:Doctoral Awarding Institution: University of Oxford Notes:The digital copy of this thesis has been made available thanks to the generosity of Dr Leonard Polonsky

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