On the group rings of Abelian minimax groupsReport as inadecuate

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Reference: Segal, D, (2001). On the group rings of Abelian minimax groups. JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA, 237 (1), 64-94.Citable link to this page:


On the group rings of Abelian minimax groups

Abstract: An abelian group G is called minimax if it contains a finitely generatedsubgroup H such that G/H satisfies the minimal condition for subgroups(which I shall abbreviate to min). In this case, we may choose H to be freeabelian (by making it smaller if necessary), or we may choose G/H to bedivisible (by making H bigger if necessary). Recall that the divisibleabelian groups with min are direct products of finitely many quasicyclicgroups (groups of type Cp∞, for various primes p), and that an abeliangroup with min is the direct product of a divisible one with a finite group


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