Dicyanometallates as model extended frameworks.Report as inadecuate

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Reference: Hill, JA, Thompson, AL and Goodwin, AL, (2016). Dicyanometallates as model extended frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (18), 5886-5896.Citable link to this page:


Dicyanometallates as model extended frameworks.

Abstract: We report the structures of eight new dicyanometallate frameworks containing molecular extra-framework cations. These systems include a number of hybrid inorganic−organic analogues of conventional ceramics, such as Ruddlesden−Popper phases and perovskites. The structure types adopted are rationalized in the broader context of all known dicyanometallate framework structures. We show that the structural diversity of this family can be understood in terms of (i) the charge and coordination preferences of the particular metal cation acting as framework node, and (ii) the size, shape, and extent of incorporation of extra-framework cations. In this way, we suggest that dicyanometallates form a particularly attractive model family of extended frameworks in which to explore the interplay between molecular degrees of freedom, framework topology, and supramolecular interactions.

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Author: Hill, JA - institutionUniversity of Oxford Oxford, MPLS, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry - - - Thompson, AL - institutionUniversit

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