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Abstract: Dictated by the string theory and various higher dimensional scenarios, blackholes in $D>4$-dimensional space-times must have higher curvature corrections.The first and dominant term is quadratic in curvature, and called theGauss-Bonnet GB term. We shall show that although the Gauss-Bonnet correctionchanges black hole-s geometry only softly, the emission of gravitons issuppressed by many orders even at quite small values of the GB coupling. Thehuge suppression of the graviton emission is due to the multiplication of thetwo effects: the quick cooling of the black hole when one turns on the GBcoupling and the exponential decreasing of the grey-body factor of the tensortype of gravitons at small and moderate energies. At higher $D$ the tensorgravitons emission is dominant, so that the overall lifetime of black holeswith Gauss-Bonnet corrections is many orders larger than was expected. Thiseffect should be relevant for the future experiments at the Large HadronCollider LHC. Keywords: Hawking radiation, black hole evaporation.

Author: R. A. Konoplya, A. Zhidenko

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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