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The six-voiced secular madrigals of Luca Marenzio Subtitle: An edition with commentary

Abstract: Luca Marenzio has long been acknowledged as one ofthe greatest masters of the Italian madrigal, yet no collectededition of his works exists: in particular relatively few ofthe six-voiced madrigals are available in published form, andcriticism has tended to concentrate on the five-voiced works.This thesis presents an Edition with Commentary ofthe six-voiced madrigals published in six books between 1581and 1595. Two polychoral madrigals and a madrigal by AntonioBicci also found in those books are included in an Appendix,together with two furtner madrigals included by Phalèse inhis 1594 edition of Books I-V, which proved a valuablecollative source.The Commentary presents a stylistic study of themadrigals in the Edition and a critical survey of theirplace in Marenzio's output, together with an editorialcommentary and extensive bibliographical material. Followingan outline of the madrigal's chief characteristics, ChapterOne presents a biographical and critical account of Marenzio'swork. Each book of madrigals is considered individually andin relation to his stylistic development. Finally the chaptertreats briefly of his influence, with contemporary and historicalcomment. A stylistic analysis of the music in this Editionfollows, considering particularly the relationship betweenmusic and text, texture, form, tonality and chromaticism.The poets, forms and principal sources of the texts are thenconsidered. Chapter Four discusses the Edition - sources,notation, tempo, pitch and musica ficta - and concludes witha note on performance.Two Critical Commentaries deal respectively withmusic and text, the latter providing a comparison betweenmusical and literary versions and listing poets (some newlydiscovered) and literary sources. The Bibliography listsall published appearances of the six-voiced madrigals andprovides a complete reference for the literary sourcesconsulted. The complete texts of the madrigals are givenin an Appendix.

Type of Award:DPhil Level of Award:Doctoral Awarding Institution: University of Oxford Notes:The digital copy of this thesis has been made available thanks to the generosity of Dr Leonard Polonsky

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