Distribution update for Tibetan fox in western NepalReport as inadecuate

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Reference: Werhahn, G, Kusi, N, Man Sherchan, A et al., (2016). Distribution update for Tibetan fox in western Nepal. Canid Biology & Conservation, 19 (4), 18-20.Citable link to this page:


Distribution update for Tibetan fox in western Nepal

Abstract: We report a western distribution extension for the Tibetan fox Vulpes ferrilata in Nepal to the district of Humla in the northwest of the country. We observed a Tibetan fox on 8 August 2015 at 18:00hrs at an elevation of 4,949m above sea level. This finding was genetically verified through sequencing of the mitochondrial D-loop and cytochrome b regions extracted from scat samples collected in the same area. The site is locally known as Chyakpalung and is situated on the Tibetan Plateau dominated by alpine steppe grassland. Plateau pika Ochotona curzoniae, an important prey species for the fox, was frequently observed in the same area. Previously the Tibetan fox has been reported in Nepal from Shey Phoksundo National Park in Dolpo district and from northern part of the Annapurna Conservation Area in Mustang district, which are situated 180km and 250km southeast of Humla. Sympatric canids documented in the study area are red fox Vulpes vulpes and Himalayan wolf Canis sp., (taxon unsolved). Our findings confirm a western distribution of Tibetan fox up to the Karnali zone in western Nepal, and support the association between the occurrence of plateau pika and Tibetan fox.

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Volume: 19

Issue: 4

Extent: 18-20

Issue Date: 2016-10


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