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Identities under Threat

Abstract: East Central Europe has an exceptionally broad, deep and centuries-long legacy of ethnic mixing, one that was shattered by radical and often violent ‘unmixing’, along theoretically sharper ethnic lines after 1945, on Stalin’s instructions. These legacies mean categories of belonging are especially freighted, and politically scrutinised right into the present. It also makes the region particuarly relevant to the study of complex, hybrid phenomena that result, but that are hard to categorise in strict ethno-national terms as ‘German’, ‘Polish’, ‘Romanian’ and so on.This talk presents case studies drawn from the speaker's recent research on the region; however they are presented in the light of 2016's political events and their wider ramifications for identity politics right across Europe, including the United Kingdom following the so-called Brexit vote.

Publication status:PublishedPeer Review status:Reviewed (Other)Version:Accepted manuscriptNotes:This formed part of a series of lectures on the theme of identity in East-Central Europe, focusing on cases from the region where liminal, marginal or complex historical cases challenge the dominant discourse of identity as defined in very narrow ethnic terms, both in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and with echoes today.

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