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Reference: Grue, L, Siddiqui, S, Limmathurotsakul, D et al., (2016). Commentary: data sharing in South East Asia. BMJ, 355, i5363.Citable link to this page:


Commentary: data sharing in South East Asia.

Abstract: The purpose of data sharing is to facilitate scientific discovery and improve public health, by providing research data to the scientific community quickly and easily. This improves efficiency of resource utilisation and enables data to be combined to achieve increased power. Sharing of data may also facilitate increased public trust in research and evidence based decisions.There are, however, concerns that research participants will be identified or the data misused. In some low and middle income countries, where the idea of data sharing is not widely known or accepted, these concerns may have greater weight.The South East Asia Infectious Disease Clinical Research Network (SEAICRN) was a collaborative partnership which began in 2005 between hospitals and research institutions in South East Asia (box). Our experience with the network highlights some of the problems that can arise in collaborations, particularly in international environments.

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Autor: Grue, L - - - Siddiqui, S - - - Limmathurotsakul, D - Oxford, MSD, NDM, Tropical Medicine - - - Kamaludi, A - - - Karyana, M - -



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