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Reference: Fascia, Michael and Cottom, S, (2016). Service user local self-management group evaluation. Journal of Self-Management Strategies for Chronic Pain, 1 (1), 1-8.Citable link to this page:


Service user local self-management group evaluation

Abstract: In this short paper, we will look at a composite evaluation of a self help group , run by a charity inPerth (Scotland). We will consider the data elements gathered, and discuss the usability of the thecomposite data as an output for evaluation in a health care context. The paper examines theeffectiveness of aggregate data explores the criteria adopted by the Association. the aim was to ensurethat output from the analysis would be understood by a wide audience.The paradigm for approach wasthat the analysis incorporated cost-effective benefits to the local pain services, health benefits topatients, potential reduction in service usage and an increase in patient engagement. Output from thisshort study indicated that focused, managed and monitored resource can assist in the understandingand management of chronic conditions by identifying unwanted changes in health outlooks fromchronic condition sufferers.

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Journal: Journal of Self-Management Strategies for Chronic Painsee more from them

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Volume: 1

Issue Date: 03 October 2016


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Issn: 2058-5306

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