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Reference: Oueis, E, Nardone, B, Jaspars, M et al., (2016). Synthesis of hybrid cyclopeptides through enzymatic macrocyclization. ChemistryOpen, 6 (1), 11-14.Citable link to this page:


Synthesis of hybrid cyclopeptides through enzymatic macrocyclization.

Abstract: Natural products comprise a diverse array of molecules, many of which are biologically active. Most natural products are derived from combinations of polyketides, peptides, sugars, and fatty-acid building blocks. Peptidic macrocycles have attracted attention as potential therapeutics possessing cell permeability, stability, and easy-to-control variability. Here, we show that enzymes from the patellamide biosynthetic pathway can be harnessed to make macrocycles that are hybrids of amino acids and a variety of manmade chemical building blocks, including aryl rings, polyethers, and alkyl chains. We have made macrocycles with only three amino acids, one of which can be converted to a thiazoline or a thiazole ring. We report the synthesis of 18 peptide hybrid macrocycles, nine of which have been isolated and fully characterized.

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Volume: 6

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Issue Date: 2016-12



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Autor: Oueis, E - - - Nardone, B - - - Jaspars, M - - - Westwood, NJ - - - Naismith, JH - Oxford, MSD, NDM - - - - Bibliographic Details



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