Building bridges between cellular and molecular structural biologyReport as inadecuate

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Reference: Patwardhan, A, Brandt, R, Butcher, SJ et al., (2017). Building bridges between cellular and molecular structural biology. eLife, 6, Article: e25835.Citable link to this page:


Building bridges between cellular and molecular structural biology

Abstract: The integration of cellular and molecular structural data is key to understanding the function of macromolecular assemblies and complexes in their in vivo context. Here we report on the outcomes of a workshop that discussed how to integrate structural data from a range of public archives. The workshop identified two main priorities: the development of tools and file formats to support segmentation (that is, the decomposition of a three-dimensional volume into regions that can be associated with defined objects), and the development of tools to support the annotation of biological structures.

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Author: Patwardhan, A - - - Brandt, R - - - Butcher, SJ - - - Collinson, L - - - Gault, D - - - Grünewald, K - Oxford, MSD, NDM, Human G



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