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Abstract: In light of the transformation defined in the current quantum field theory,electromagnetic interaction is unchanged under time reversal. However, thiskind of time reversal only lets in the Hamiltonian of the coordinate space,without considering that the creation and annihilation processes of particlesshould also be reversed when the concrete problems are calculated in momentumspace. In fact, according to the current transformation of quantum fieldtheory, creation operator of spinor particle is still creation operator andannihilation operator is also still annihilation operator. This result does notrepresent the real meaning of time reversal. In the interaction process, aparticle-s creation operator should become the annihilation operator and itsannihilation operator should become the creation operator after time reversal.It is proved that when the reversion of creation and annihilation processes isconsidered in momentum space, under the condition of high energy, a greatsymmetry violation of time reversal would be caused in some low order processesof electromagnetic interaction just as the Compton scattering in which thepropagation lines of fermions are contained. This result contradicts with theexperiments of particle physics and is impossible. Meanwhile, it is proved thatthe normalization processes of the third order vertex angles of electromagneticinteraction also violate time reversal symmetry, no matter in the coordinatespace or in the momentum space. But the symmetry violation is small with amagnitude order about 10-5. The similar problems exist in the current Ctransformation of quantum field theory. The C transformation of creation andannihilation operator can not be consistent with the C transformation of spinorparticle-s wave functions in momentum space. We can obtain the correct Ctransformation of creation and annihilation operator, but can not obtain thecorrect C transformation of wave functions in momentum space. Therefore, thecurrent rules of C,T transformations in quantum field theory has serious defectand should be redefined.

Autor: Mei Xiaochun


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