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This document contains 20 competency-based examinations with student and instructor manuals for electronics and instrumentation occupations. For each of the examinations, the student manual contains the following: the competency, the performance objective, directions, the materials and equipment needed, a space to note time started and time finished, and the competency examination, which consists of tasks to perform. The instructor's manual includes the same materials as the student manual, with specific instructions to the examiner and a competency examination rating sheet. The 20 examinations cover the following material: (1) constructing a direct current series circuit; (2) constructing a direct current parallel series circuit; (3) constructing a series-parallel resistive circuit and measuring voltage drops, current, resistance, and computer power; (4) and constructing and analyzing a direct current series resistive capacitive circuit; (5) determining alternating current time-frequency voltage measurement; (6) identification of opens in overcurrent protection; (7) troubleshooting and repairing fluorescent lighting; (8) troubleshooting high pressure sodium lighting fixtures; (9) installing and testing a transformer circuit; (10) using AC test equipment to locate opens and shorts in a motor controller; (11) testing semiconductor diodes and bipolar junction transistor, to identify defects; (12) troubleshooting cascaded C/E (Common Emitter) amplifiers; (13) troubleshooting cascaded C/E amplifiers using the signal tracing method; (14) calibration and operation of a temperature bridge; (15) calibration and operational check of an instrumentation summing amplifier; (16) performing alignment of an A.M. superhetrocyne receiver; (17) receiver troubleshooting; (18) verification of correct operation of a seven-segment display driven by a decoder driver and a decade counter; (19) performing minimum performance check of an eight trace logic analyzer; and (20) verifying proper operation of a frequency counter. (KC)

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Autor: Matson, James; Stokes, Tad


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