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Schools need to be reoriented and restructured so that what is taught and learned, and the way in which it is taught and learned, are better integrated with young people's real-world experiences. Many indicators suggest that the meaningful aspects of school have been lost in the encounter with modern times. The title of this address--"Every Other Day"--is a metaphor drawn from the author's school days in northern Norway, where students attended school only on alternate days. The "other" day--the day off from school--was far more important for students' lives after graduation than they then realized. On the off day, children were involved in their families' daily lives, shared activities with adults, learned through observation and experience about their parents' work, and gained extensive knowledge of the local environment and community culture. Today, however, school totally dominates the lives of children. In addition to being a place to learn, school must be a "place to be" and a channeling mechanism for the speculative, commercialized forces in society. These are enormous tasks and they create problems at all levels of the educational system. Schools must find new ways to incorporate the benefits of the "other" day and create opportunities for "learning encounters" between schooling and everyday life. Rather than trying to create a common curriculum for all areas of a diverse country, schools should ground curricula in the local context and the daily experiences of students. (SV)

Descriptors: Educational Needs, Elementary Secondary Education, Experiential Learning, Family Life, Foreign Countries, Informal Education, Place Based Education, Relevance (Education), Rural Education, School Community Relationship, School Role

Author: Tiller, Tom

Source: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=a&ft=on&ff1=dtySince_1992&pg=7120&id=ED455064

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