Reading, Social Development, and the Child.Report as inadecuate

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Social development stresses the importance of working together with others in life. The home setting can emphasize social development and its objectives of instruction. How should parents assist the child in quality social development in which good human relations exist? First and foremost, parents should serve as models to children for good human relations. Also, when oral communication takes place, the content discussed should go to all in the group, not the few--it is good practice to have ideas circulate among the group or family members. Respect for others in the home setting is also important. The "feeling dimension" needs to be involved in group work, and being involved in a group may not be adequate unless a person feels rewarded for contributions made. New concepts and vocabulary terms will and should arise in home conversation and discussions, and creative thinking should be emphasized within the discussion. In fact, critical thought should be stressed, and brainstorming may be stressed. This paper also discusses attitudinal development toward others, how to evaluate the quality of human relations in the home setting, citizenship development in the young child, and morality and the child. (NKA)

Descriptors: Citizenship, Educational Objectives, Family Influence, Family Role, Group Dynamics, Human Relations, Individual Development, Parents as Teachers, Social Integration, Young Children

Author: Ediger, Marlow


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