Deregulation of Lesothos maize market Report as inadecuate

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During the past year, there have been major policy reforms in Lesotho and South Africa withrespect to maize pricing and marketing. In Lesotho the impact of deregulation on producers,consumers and government revenues was substantially lower than it should have been, andas a result Lesotho was not able to reap the full benefits of these changes. This is partlybecause information on the changes to the maize marketing system did not reach the potentialbeneficiaries of the new system. Free and easily accessible information is an essential elementof a free market system. SACU countries must ensure the availability of information if theywant to compete internationally.

Subject(s): Agricultural and Food Policy

Crop Production/Industries

Issue Date: 1997-12

Publication Type: Journal Article

PURL Identifier: Published in: Agrekon, Volume 36, Issue 4 Page range: 626-636

Total Pages: 12

Record appears in: Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) > Agrekon

Author: van Schalkwyk, Herman D. ; van Zyl, Johan ; Botha, P.W. ; Bayley, B.


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