What if meat consumption would decrease more than expected in the developed countries Report as inadecuate

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As a complement to the analysis of the baseline scenario used for the European Commission agricultural marketoutlook, a first alternative scenario envisaging a lower meat consumption trend have been elaborated. It shows that adecrease in per capita meat consumption in developed countries and selected Latin American countries would impacton the world and EU meat markets, and consequently on markets of crops used as feed, prices being under pressuredespite the continuing increase of meat consumption in the rest of the world. In a second scenario where the decrease ofmeat consumption is compensated by an increase intake of plant products and certain other animal products such asdairy or eggs, the impact on markets other than the meat ones is mitigated, although the beef meat sector is even moreaffected by an increase of dairy products outputs. This possible evolution would be a challenge for farmers, who canrely for this on the CAP policy tools, in their diverse implementation among Member States

Keywords: meat consumption ; agricultural markets ; agro-economic modelling ; agricultural commodities

Subject(s): Agricultural and Food Policy

Issue Date: 2015-06

Publication Type: Conference Paper/ Presentation

PURL Identifier: http://purl.umn.edu/207352

Total Pages: 21

JEL Codes: Q13; Q17; Q18

Record appears in: Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) > 2015 Fourth Congress, June 11-12, 2015, Ancona, Italy

Author: Santini, Fabien ; Ronzon, Tevecia ; Perez Dominguez, Ignacio ; Araujo Enciso, Sergio Rene ; Proietti, Ilaria

Source: http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/record/207352?ln=en

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