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In regional economic development planning, achieving one objective often results In achieving less of another, tradeoffs exist among alternatives Two parts of area economic objectives are examined-gross regional product versus local employment and local wage bill versus local employment-and tradeoff curves are derived The tradeoff curve range is greater and, therefore, the conflict Situation more interesting between the first pair of objectives-a capital oriented and a labor-oriented objective-than between the second pair-two labor-oriented goals As regions become more open, tradeoff schedules shift outward and range and curvature Increase, Intensifying the need for compromise

Keywords: Regional goals ; Tradeoff curves ; Linear programming ; Rural development ; Economic planning

Subject(s): Community/Rural/Urban Development

Public Economics

Issue Date: 1980-07

Publication Type: Journal Article

PURL Identifier: http://purl.umn.edu/148687 Published in: Agricultural Economics Research, Volume 32, Number 3 Page range: 21-25

Total Pages: 5

Record appears in: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) > Economic Research Service > Agricultural Economics Research

Author: Williams, Daniel G.

Source: http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/record/148687?ln=en

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