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Date Issued: 1976

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Summary: The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a significantrelationship between the rate (cost and incidence) of vandalismand nine characteristics of the average public school. The characteristicsselected were:1. Stability of instructional staff2. Racial balance in the school3. Number of students transported to the school4. Academic achievement of students in the school5. Income of students' parents6. Job status of students' parents7. Geographic location of the school8. Community school or not a community school9. Student withdrawal from school. These factors were stated in a null hypothsis form. All variables weretested separately against cost of vandalism and incidence of vandalism.In all analyses involving a correlation coefficient as a test of the hypothesis, the Spearman Rank Order Correlation Coefficient was usedsince either one or both variables were ordinal in nature. In allanalyses involving the t test (where two groups were tested), a programfor the t test based on estimates of the separate group variances andan adjusted degrees of freedom was used since the within group variancestended to be heterogeneous.Ten school districts in the State of Florida were purposivelyselected for the study giving a total of 375 schools. The districtswere selected to provide a diversity in geographic location, populationsize, average family income, percent urban, median education, and numberof white collar workers. The geometric growth of the cost of vandalism is shown in thisstudy and some of the measures being used to combat vandalism. Anexamination of the results shows that the factors wherein the schoolsystem might have some control include the following: teacher replacement,school academic scores, withdrawal of students, and communityschools. In these instances no significant relationship to the rate ofvandalism was apparent. The variables that did show a statisticallysignificant relationship are: high percent of minority students,inner-city schools, a low percent of transported students, and schoolswhere 30 percent or more of the parents had an income of less than$3,000. These factors are social conditions over which the schoolshave no direct control.

Identifier: 11697 (digitool), FADT11697 (IID), fau:8629 (fedora)

Note(s): Thesis (Educat.D.)--Florida Atlantic University, 1976.

Subject(s): Education, Administration

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