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Firstly, the basic core of judgment and analysis on the success and failure of modern sericultural industry development is introduced. The cocoon silk is the original reference to judge the success and failure of modern sericultural industry development. And the cocoon weight of per unit mulberry is the core index to judge the comprehensive production efficiency and the success or failure of sericultural industry, while the consistence between characteristics of decision index and production technology is the main way to judge the success or failure of sericultural industry. Secondly, the new characteristics of modern sericultural industry development and change have been analyzed. The primitive consciousness and basic goal of modern sericultural industry production show diversification, so the original reference of judgment is not single. The new development orientation of modern sericultural industry is production systems, besides, the effect of rural labor force becomes more important, becomes the main factor which restricts the sustainable development of modern sericultural industry, and then the new features of judgment index system are explored. ① Allosteric characteristics of main index system. The production efficiency of rural unit labor is the main basis for judging the success or failure of modern sericulture industry development. ②Index property of production technical system. The research and developing direction of new technology change with the change of production system, besides, the simple silkworm rearing technique is adopted. The sericulture production is changed from dispersed development to intensivism development. ③The index property of quality management system. The quality index of production of silkworm egg has limitation, so producing high quality cocoon is the basic purpose of modern sericultural industry production. The quality regulation and guidance are implemented in production process, besides; the fair transaction mode of cocoon is established.④ Index property of operation and regulation system. Giving suitable amount silkworm eggs is the basic requirements of regulation and control operation, so popularize use good cocooning frames is an important link. ⑤Index property of market interest system. The leading market with stable steady revenue should be created and the characteristic products should be produced to obtain high market returns.

Keywords: Sericulture industry ; Development decision ; Index system ; Values ; China

Subject(s): Industrial Organization

Productivity Analysis

Research and Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies

Research Methods/ Statistical Methods

Issue Date: Jul 20 2009

Publication Type: Journal Article

PURL Identifier: http://purl.umn.edu/54028 Published in: Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 01, Issue 07 Page range: 13-52

Total Pages: 5

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Autor: Wang, Daigang

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