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Writing is a very important skill that should be mastered properly by university students, especially pre-service language teachers (e.g. EFL student teachers). In order to present their ideas efficiently in the context of their academic study, they have to be trained well on how to write meaningful pieces (e.g. essays, academic reports, summaries, critical reviews, etc.). Moreover, writing is an important skill that prospective English language teachers need to develop during their pre-service education (training) programmes. This book aims at introducing the essay writing process to Egyptian EFL student teachers (2nd year), with special reference to Assiut University College of Education (AUCOE). This Writing II course to 2nd-year EFL student teachers complements--and builds on--the Writing I course studied in the previous year by fresh student teachers. It gradually takes student teachers further from the basic mechanical writing skills studied in Writing I at the sentence and paragraph writing levels, into the more advanced essay writing process. Thus, it aims mainly to foster EFL student teachers' essay writing skills, and help them to identify different ways, strategies and/or techniques used for writing a standard English essay (e.g. a comprehensive five-paragraph essay). In this regard, it provides many examples, samples and illustrations of how to write different types of essays, and how to use various techniques to develop paragraphs, and thus explore, reinforce and develop the main topic. More specifically, by the end of the course, EFL student teachers are expected to be able to: (1) Identify an English essay and its main components; (2) Write an English essay accurately and adequately; (3) Identify a topic paragraph in an essay; (4) Write a topic paragraph (and topic sentences or thesis) in an essay; (5) Identify different genres and types of essays; (6) Write different types of essays (e.g. expository, academic, descriptive, and narrative); (7) Practice essay writing skills (e.g. pre-writing strategies such as brainstorming and free writing; summarizing and skimming skills; developing ideas in paragraphs; providing sufficient/supporting details; drafting/redrafting; reflection and revision; electronic writing skills, etc.); and (8) Identify different genres of essays online (e.g. fiction and literature; factual and realistic pieces; functional products; expository essays; reflective diaries; and academic essays)

Descriptors: English (Second Language), Language Teachers, Writing Instruction, Student Teachers, Writing Skills, Preservice Teacher Education, Essays, Writing Assignments, Teaching Methods, Paragraph Composition, Sentences, Prewriting, Brainstorming, Foreign Countries, Writing (Composition), Skill Development, Notetaking, Expository Writing, Persuasive Discourse, Research, Writing Workshops

Author: Abdallah, Mahmoud M. S.

Source: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=a&ft=on&ff1=dtySince_1992&pg=1967&id=ED557724

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