Dairy production system type and critical points of contamination Report as inadecuate

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Magali Soares dos Santos Pozza ; Maximiliane Alavarse Zambom ; Maichel Jhonattas Lange ; Marcelo Eduardo Neumann ;Semina: Ciências Agrárias 2015, 36 6

Author: Gilberto Henrique Simões

Source: http://www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=445744152035


Semina: Ciências Agrárias ISSN: 1676-546X semina.agrarias@uel.br Universidade Estadual de Londrina Brasil Simões, Gilberto Henrique; Soares dos Santos Pozza, Magali; Alavarse Zambom, Maximiliane; Lange, Maichel Jhonattas; Neumann, Marcelo Eduardo Dairy production system type and critical points of contamination Semina: Ciências Agrárias, vol.
36, núm.
6, noviembre-diciembre, 2015, pp.
3923-3934 Universidade Estadual de Londrina Londrina, Brasil Available in: http:--www.redalyc.org-articulo.oa?id=445744152035 How to cite Complete issue More information about this article Journals homepage in redalyc.org Scientific Information System Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative DOI: 10.5433-1679-0359.2015v36n6p3923 Dairy production system type and critical points of contamination Tipologia de sistemas de produção leiteiros e pontos críticos de contaminação Gilberto Henrique Simões1*; Magali Soares dos Santos Pozza2; Maximiliane Alavarse Zambom3; Maichel Jhonattas Lange¹; Marcelo Eduardo Neumann¹ Abstract Current milk production includes a large diversity between systems, which generates difficulties in defining a microbiological standard.
The adapted practical and hygienic-sanitary management methods are diverse and introduce great complexity into the production systems.
Based on this scenario, the objective of this study was to evaluate the types of dairy production systems of western Parana and to quantify Staphylococcus sp in three critical points in the dairy cattle production systems: the milking machines, milkers’ hands, the cooling tanks and raw milk.
A total of 35 samples of refrigerated raw milk were collected, and a questionnaire referring to hygienic and sanitary management was administered.
All of the data were collected during the period from September to October 2012 and involved 35 properties in the municipality of Mare...

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