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Climate variability, the short-term fluctuations in the weather and agriculture affect each other. Climatevariability affects the agroecological and growing conditions of crops and livestock, and is recentlybelieved to be the greatest impediment to the realisation of the first Millennium Development Goal ofreducing poverty and food insecurity in arid and semi-arid regions of developing countries. Conversely,agriculture is a major contributor to climate variability and change by emitting greenhouse gases andreducing the agroecology’s potential for carbon sequestration. What however, is the empirical evidence ofthis inter-dependence of climate variability and agriculture in Sub-Sahara Africa? In this paper, I providesome insight into the long run relationship between inter-annual variations in temperature and rainfall,and annual yields of the most important staple food crops in Northern Ghana. Applying pooled panel dataof rainfall, temperature and yields of the selected crops from 1976 to 2010 to cointegration and Grangercausality models, there is cogent evidence of cointegration between seasonal, total rainfall and cropyields; and causality from rainfall to crop yields in the Sudano-Guinea Savannah and Guinea Savannahzones of Northern Ghana. This suggests that inter-annual yields of the crops have been influenced by thetotal mounts of rainfall in the planting season. Temperature variability over the study period is howeverstationary, and is suspected to have minimal if any effect on crop yields. Overall, the results confirm theappropriateness of my attempt in modelling long-term relationships between the climate and crop yieldvariables.

Keywords: Climate variability ; rainfall ; yield ; cointegration ; causality

Subject(s): Crop Production/Industries

Environmental Economics and Policy

Land Economics/Use

Issue Date: 2011

Publication Type: Conference Paper/ Presentation

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Total Pages: 19

JEL Codes: L25; Q12; Q51; Q54

Record appears in: Moroccan Association of Agricultural Economics (AMAEco) > 2011 Conference: Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture, December 6-7, 2011, Rabat, Morocco

Autor: Amikuzuno, Joseph


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