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Abstract: Recent theoretical investigations have unveiled a rich structure in thequantum chromodynamics QCD phase diagram which consists of quark gluon plasmaQGP and the hadronic phases but also supports the existence of a cross-overtransition ending at a critical end point CEP. We find a too large variationin determination of the coordinates of the CEP in the temperature T, baryonchemical potential $\mu {B}$ plane and, therefore, its identification in thecurrent heavy-ion experiments becomes debatable. Here we use an equation ofstate EOS for a deconfined QGP using a thermodynamically consistentquasiparticle model involving quarks and gluons having thermal masses. Wefurther use a thermodynamically consistent excluded volume model for the hadrongas HG which was recently proposed by us. Using these equations of state, afirst order deconfining phase transition is constructed using Gibbs- criteria.This leads to an interesting finding that the phase transition line ends at acritical point CEP beyond which a cross-over region exists. Using our thermalHG model, we obtain a chemical freeze out curve and we find that the CEP liesin close proximity to this curve as proposed by some authors. The coordinatesof CEP are found to lie within the reach of RHIC experiment.

Author: P.K. Srivastava, S.K. Tiwari, C.P. Singh

Source: https://arxiv.org/


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