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Abstract: We consider a simple method of generating solutions to Einstein gravitycoupled to a dilaton and a 2-form gauge potential in n dimensions, startingfrom an arbitrary n-m-dimensional Ricci-flat metric with m commuting Killingvectors. It essentially consists of a particular combination of coordinatetransformations and T-duality and is related to the so-called null Melvintwists and TsT transformations. Examples obtained in this way include twocharged black strings in five dimensions and a finite action configuration inthree dimensions derived from empty flat space. The latter leads us to amendthe effective action by a specific boundary term required for it to admitsolutions with positive action. An extension of our method involving anS-duality transformation that is applicable to four-dimensional seed metricsproduces further nontrivial solutions in five dimensions.

Author: Ulrich Theis



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