Renormalization in General Gauge Mediation - High Energy Physics - PhenomenologyReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: We revisit General Gauge Mediation GGM in light of the supersymmetriclinear sigma model by utilizing the current superfield. The currentsuperfield in the GGM is identified with supersymmetric extension of the vectorsymmetry current of the sigma model while spontaneous breakdown ofsupersymmetry in the GGM corresponds to soft breakdown of the axial vectorsymmetry of the sigma model. We first derive the current superfield from thesupersymmetric linear sigma model and then compute 2-point functions of thecurrent superfield using the anti-commutation relations of the messengercomponent fields. After the global symmetry are weakly gauged, the 2-pointfunctions of the current superfield are identified with a part of the 2-pointfunctions of the associated vector superfield. We renormalize them bydimensional regularization and show that physical gaugino and sfermion massesof the MSSM are expressed in terms of the wavefunction renormalizationconstants of the component fields of the vector superfield.

Author: Jae Yong Lee


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