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Abstract: The no-boundary wave function NBWF specifies a measure for prediction incosmology that selects inflationary histories and remains well behaved forspatially large or infinite universes. This paper explores the predictions ofthe NBWF for linear scalar fluctuations about homogeneous and isotropicbackgrounds in models with a single scalar field moving in a quadraticpotential. We treat both the space-time geometry of the universe and theobservers inhabiting it quantum mechanically. We evaluate top-downprobabilities for local observations that are conditioned on the NBWF and onpart of our data as observers of the universe. For models where the mostprobable histories do not have a regime of eternal inflation, the NBWF predictshomogeneity on large scales, a specific non-Gaussian spectrum of observablefluctuations, and a small amount of inflation in our past. By contrast, formodels where the dominant histories have a regime of eternal inflation, theNBWF predicts significant inhomogeneity on scales much larger than the presenthorizon, a Gaussian spectrum of observable fluctuations, and a long period ofinflation in our past. The absence or presence of local non-Gaussianitytherefore provides information about the global structure of the universe,assuming the NBWF.

Autor: James Hartle, S.W. Hawking, Thomas Hertog


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